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What You Should Know About Bottled Water

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The human body creates acid, all day, every day, as a by-product of metabolism. In addition, acid is introduced into the system through eating and digestion. Many secreted and digested acids are swept away by the blood stream, filtered out by the kidneys, and released from the body in the urine. Other acids leave the body through perspiration. Your body can only process a certain amount of acids, however, so it is possible to overload the system and for the body to become acidic.

After careful research, we have concluded many people's health is affected by being too acidic. This condition can be the root cause of many diseases and doctors tend to only look at the symptoms, name these symptoms as a disease, and then treat the symptoms. We all know this isn't the way to treat a disease, as one should treat the actual cause. So by reducing stress, eliminating filtered or purified water (treated by reverse osmosis, i.e. R.O.), by changing the diet to more alkaline foods and drinks, and by drinking ionized alkaline water, one will start the body on the road to recovery.


Tapped Documentary- Effects of Bottled Water (

Furthermore, after years of reviewing different brands of ionizers, we've concluded, through thorough testing and use, that we've found the best ionizers on the market. They have a patented triple chamber system and, with this advancement, these units create the highest ionization (ORP) and pH levels of any machine we've tested. As you may know, the ORP is the amount of antioxidants in water and the higher the level the more free radicals are neutralized.

The higher pH of these ionizers is significant. The University of Texas recently released a study showing that by increasing the pH of the water from 9.5 to 10.5, the life expectancy of mice was increased by 12%. The people at Kangen/Enagic will tell you that you do not need this higher level, but science shows us the truth—that the higher pH levels can effect us in a very positive way.

These ionizers also have dual filters and more levels of filtration than all other models. With the condition of water today, this feature is extremely important.

The warranty was also a strong vote of confidence in the quality of these ionizers and with a full five years parts and labor, we were very impressed.

With all of these functions and features considered, we feel these ionizers are the best unit in the world. Our mission is to research all the options and alternatives that are available, and to then present them to you so you can make the choice.

After much comparison and study, we've found the best ionizer. To learn more about this amazing system, give us a call or send us an email.