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Never swim in chlorine or salt again!
Save $100 on your pool service, maintenance and chemicals— thanks to the power of the PureMagic S3 Automated Pool System!

The benefits of swimming in a chlorine-free pool are enormous. The PureMagic S3 Automated Pool system actually changes the nature of the water such that, the calcium ring around the water line of the pool is reduced by about 90% in most cases. It will clean all the scale and calcium out of the pipes and pumping equipment, reducing the wear and tear on the equipment. No more burning eyes and itching skin. As a general rule, it takes two to three weeks for the system to totally change the nature of the water. When it does, the water feels like you are swimming in silk. According to government regulations in the US, public pools must have a minimum of 1ppm chlorine. I have never seen a public pool or a residential pool for that matter that was not being over chlorinated. The chlorine absorbed through a persons skin while swimming or in a Jacuzzi one time is probably more that one would consume in drinking water in a month. The bottom line, chlorine in pools, spas and drinking water is not a good thing. Too much is carcinogenic. That is the reason we are in this business. We can and want to totally eliminate the need to ever swim in chlorine again.PureMagic S3 Automated Pool System

How it works
The power transformer is hooked to your pool timer switch so that the S3 system will turn on when the pool turns on. A light will come on to indicate that the box is receiving power. The system will take a ph reading in one minute. We built the one minute delay in order for the pool water to circulate and allow the sensor to take an accurate reading. The sensor takes about thirty reading in a second or two and averages them in order to get the most accurate reading possible. If the ph is above 7.2 the system turns the ph control dispenser on for a period you have previously selected in the control box. The box can be set to take a reading as many times a day as the operator chooses. This automated pH system keeps your pH in the proper range so your eyes will not burn and the ware on your pool equipment is less.

The oxidation chamber (shock doctor) contains a set of titanium plates which are energized with low electric current when the control box comes on and continues to function as long as the pool is running. The plates when used properly literally never seem to wear out. I have some that were installed more than fifteen years ago and are still working. This oxidation process actually split the h20 into (h and h0) forming a hydroxyl ion. These ions are formed as the water passes over the titanium plates and literally destroys bacteria, germs and algae. The life of this ion is very short. Within approximately nine feet the (h and ho) have rejoined into h20.

Since there is no latency effect in the oxidation process, we use either copper/zinc as a disinfectant and a killer of algae. Copper/zinc at .4 parts per million kills nearly all the bad stuff in pool water including algae. We recommend running the copper at .5 to .6 ppm. There is a setting on the S3 control box that can be set from 1 minute to 999 minutes per day to control this. The control box can treat a body of circulating, filtered, water the size of a spa, water feature or a pool up to 150,000 gallons. We could actually treat a much larger pool of water so long as it has a good filter system and circulating system.

The PureMagic S3 pool system comes with a five year written warranty.