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Products Offered

Antioxidant Shower FilterThe Antioxidant Shower Filter
This is our best shower filter ever. It injects vitamin C into the water and oxygenates the water at the same time. This filter makes sure all the chlorine and chlormines are out the water. It also ensures all the heavy metals and the other by-products are removed.

Commercial/Hotel Shower FilterThe Commerical/Hotel
Shower Filter

This filter was created for low maintence, making it ideal for commercial and hotel applications. Like our antioxidant shower filter, it oxygenates the water and filters out all chlorine and chlormines, heavy metals, and other unwanted by-products.

Drinking Water SystemThe Drinking Water System
This system completely removes all the chemicals from your water. Everything you don't want in the water is taken out before you dispense the water. The essential minerals are put back in. With the exception of the Water Ionizer System (below), this is the best water for drinking and cooking.

Water Ionizer System
We have simply the best ionizer on the market. It has the highest ORP/PH on the market. This ionizer has the best filtration system and warranty without the high price. It will hydrate your body better than anything out there. This ionizer offers tremondous benefits, including high antioxidants to keep your body akaline, which helps with numerous health problems. Best of all, we stand by this ionizer with a fantastic warranty. Learn more about this wonderful ionizer here.

We've been in business for ten years and our customer service is impeccable. You can trust us to be here for you. Please call or email if you want more information.

Custom Whole House Water Systems
We build custom systems based on the home size and location. Many areas of the country have different water problems. We do not soften water with salt— that's no good for the body. We use the most ECO products on the market. Please call or email for more information on these systems. Everything we do is fully guaranteed and professionally installed.

On top of these products, we also create custom products for unique applications. No matter what you need, we can do it!